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    Joanna Newsom

    Location: Nevada City, California Estimated Population: 3,068

    Privacy seems to be the motivating factor for Joanna Newsom's continued residence outside of her birthplace of Nevada City, CA. Firmly entrenched in the part of California that everyone drives through as fast as they can to get to Sacremento (ick), or pretty much anywhere else, Nevada City is home to just over 3,000 people and little else–a prime location for a figure as notoriously private as Newsom. Here she's free to set about work on her labyrinthine compositions and plink away at her harp without outside interference or the fear of distraction or creepy stalkers. She's even gone so far as to ensure that the description of the exterior of her house was held out of a profile in the New York Times. I guess that's an advantage to staying off the grid, she's able to practice her own weirdness in peace.