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    Location: Tampa, Florida Estimated Population: 346,037

    Considering that the Tampa Metropolitan area boasts almost 3 million people, you might expect a bit more culture to break out on a national level, but I can say, from personal experience, that most of the music relegated to Tampa proper is of the Death Metal or pop punk variety. While that's all well and good, man cannot survive on corpsepaint alone, and there seems a disproportionately tiny number of notable indie rock acts in the area. Merchandise has slowly been kicking out the jams for the last several years, bringing an emotive version of Spacemen 3's emotive psychedelic post-punk to the masses, but they've largely eschewed the local scene. Save for a handful of performances at a local record store, they've mostly kept under the radar while in the Bay Area, taking to abandoned townie bars and secret storage spaces for the majority of their shows. That certainly doesn't diminish their accomplishments so much as demonstrate their disdain for the music scene in their hometown, a sentiment echoed in early interviews.