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    Motion Sickness of Time Travel

    Location: La Grange, Georgia Estimated Population: 29,588

    Rachel Evans, the driving force behind Motion Sickness of Time Travel, makes music that mirrors her surroundings. She lives with her husband Grant (an ambient composer in his own right and frequent collaborator) in the outside of La Grange, Georgia, where both attended college. Even living in downtown La Grange, a town with less than 30,000 residents, seems like it might provide the kind of baseline loneliness and romanticism that marks Evans's compositions, but the Evanses took up residence in the middle of the woods by a lake outside of town. Evans' songs are totemic tapestries of synthesizer and narcotized vocals, tracks that reflect her idyllic surroundings and reclusive nature by virtue of their cool float. While sound and surrounding might just be the result of concurrent paths—a relaxed person choosing to live in a laid back area—there's no denying the symmetry.