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    The Microphones/Mount Eerie

    Location: Anacortes, Washington Estimated Population: 15,928

    When Phil Elverum of The Microphones and Mount Eerie went to Europe on tour for his 2009 album Wind's Poem, he learned that Europeans' grasp of rural Washington's geography can be pretty shaky. Though he chuckles at the repeated question of whether or not his hometown, Anacortes, is anywhere near Twin Peaks, the comparison to David Lynch's surreal idyllicism makes more sense than he might realize. Like Lynch, Elverum is deeply concerned with his locale and the nature that surrounds it. Even when he made his way down to Olympia to record with his old pal Calvin Johnson for a famed string of Microphones records, his lyrics turned again to his home and the bizarre allure of the place. It took "Between Two Mysteries," a Twin Peaks-referencing track off of Wind's Poem, before the connection clicked with a lot of people, but Elverum, like Lynch, has always been concerned with the curious power of the Pacific Northwest, imbuing it in his songs with a similar sense of wonder to Lynch's most esteemed works.