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    Location: Readsboro, Vermont Estimated Population: 763

    The project that brought Nick Zammuto to notability, the Books, started in the only place that it could. Built on idiosyncratic vocal samples and repurposed percussion, Zammuto's collaboration with cellist Paul de Jong had a suitable home in New York City–they're pretty open to boundary pushing there. But as that project dissolved and Zammuto began plotting his kinetic art-pop solo effort, he retreated to rural Vermont, a move that helped to capture the nervous energy of that breakup on last year's debut effort. Though that debut proved to be a more populist distillation of the techniques Zammuto exploited in his previous project, his new home spelled accessible new grooves, and now as he's hard at work on his next LP. We can only hope that his tiny woodshed studio proves just as fruitful going forward.