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    Justin Timberlake

    Justin Timberlake is a master of the pop falsetto. He’s a little Prince, a little Freddie Mercury, and a whole lot of pop gold. We shouldn't forget that Justin is a graduate of the school of bubblegum pop. N*Sync, The Mickey Mouse Club, these were institutions of the bubblegum sound–a sound that constructed by the sounds of prebuescent falsetto vocals. But even from those early days Justin's voice always seemed to rise to the top. Even after the demise of N*Sync, JT's voice kept him afloat. With the help of The Neptunes, he managed to translate the boy band vibe into something the less pop-inclined could appreciate.

    When he hooked up with Timbaland, he made the jump from promising starlet to commanding superstar. The 20/20 Experience is filled with falsetto jams.