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    Camu Tao (deceased)

    Last Definitive Jux release: King of Hearts Year released: 2010

    While not as well known as some of his Definitive Jux brethren, Camu Tao was responsible for one of the label's best early singles (the scorching "Hold the Floor") and was widely regarded by his peers as a great talent that never got his deserved recognition before his untimely death in 2008 due to lung cancer. Tao was one of the more diverse talents on the label—rapping, singing, and producing—putting out idiosyncratic solo works and group albums as a member of S.A. Smash with rapper Metro and Central Services with El-P. His fittingly eclectic final album, King of Hearts, was released in 2010, marking the label's last official release before its closure. Unfinished and bare, King of Hearts is a fascinatingly raw window into the mind of an artist whose time on earth was unfairly short.