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    Cannibal Ox

    Last Definitive Jux release: Cold Vein Year released: 2001

    Cannibal Ox. To paraphrase Kanye West: "When they talk about Def Jux, do their name get brought up?" While the label's early days conjure a cast of four or five core characters, perhaps none loom as large as Cannibal Ox, the duo of Vast Aire and Vordul Mega whose only album on Definitive Jux, Cold Vein, remains one of (if not the) most beloved releases in the label's all-too-brief history. Murmurs of a follow-up LP bubbled up in the mid-2000s, but the duo remained on hiatus until the announcement of a reunion tour in late 2012 and a sophomore album to follow. While several promotional songs were released in advance of the album in spring 2013, a disappointing Kickstarter campaign that saw the group failing to raise the targeted $30,000 may have put their return album on the shelf indefinitely.

    What's Cannibal Ox up to now?