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    Mr. Lif

    Last Definitive Jux release: Mo Mega Year released: 2006

    One of Def Jux's earliest signings, Mr. Lif's signature monotone and incisive brand of politically and socially aware rap–a perspective often expressed over blistering El-P beats–helped mold the label's early apocalyptic vision. As a solo artist and member of the Perceptionists (a trio featuring Lif, Akrobatik, and DJ Fakts One), Lif was one of the most prolific Jukies during the label's early 2000s heyday. After releasing 2006's Mo Mega, his second full length on Definitive Jux, Lif decided to release his third album, I Heard It Today, via label Bloodbot Tactical Enterprises, citing certain pressures with Jux for unhappiness with Mo Mega as the reasoning for the jump. Lif has remained active, spending this summer touring as a member of an expanded Thievery Corporation. The Perceptionists also remain active, with a reunion EP on the horizon.

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