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    Party Fun Action Committee

    Last Definitive Jux release: Let's Get Serious Year released: 2003

    The brainchild of producer and longtime Aesop Rock collaborator Blockhead and rapper Jer, Party Fun Action Committee was a satirical side project. The duo's only album, Let's Get Serious, used its 16 tracks to make fun of every rap subgenre imaginable: Frat rap, nerd rap, R&B-influenced hip-hop, rap metal. Even genres beyond rap got hit with PFAC's sharp eye. PFAC returned briefly in 2009 for an promotional campaign for producer Yameen, but the duo has not released any music aside from their first and only album. Since Let's Get Serious, Blockhead has remained active, touring, releasing a series of excellent instrumental albums through Ninja Tune, blogging over at his site Phat Friend, and putting out a collaborative album with rapper (and Vordul Mega collaborator) billy woods this month.

    What's Blockhead up to now?