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    By Caitlin White & Dee Lockett

    Pitchfork Festival is this weekend, and odds are a lot of Pigeons & Planes readers will be attending, or at least poring over the internet to see what the latest news from Chicago is. In the spirit of music discovery and celebration of great musicians, here are our picks for absolute must-see artists this weekend. The line-up ranges from heavy-hitters like R. Kelly to up-and-coming Canadian punkers White Lung, so there's something for everyone.

    Hope to see some of you there—hit us up on Twitter with your own suggestions and comments on the festival. Most importantly, remember to stay safe, drink plenty of water, and sprint between sets so you don't miss a single moment. Check out the full list of performance times here and remember, in the end it's about the music, not the selfies and vines.