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    Xaphoon Jones came up as a teenage producer that made up half of Chiddy Bang. Most of his remixes and Chiddy beats are from when he was 17-19 years old, and he says bringing them back up feels a bit like "when your mom busts out your drawings from kindergarden." But even as a newcomer producing catchy rap beats for his partner, Xaphoon always showed an ear for melody and a knack for bringing a youthful, fun sound to anything he touched. Among an overflowing pool of young producers leaning more toward an indie-sampling, pop-friendly sound, Xaphoon Jones was always a standout.

    These days, the 22-year-old is moving in new directions and indulging more in experimental sounds and less bubbly textures. Fans of Chiddy Bang probably won't all transition to the new stuff, but in moving past that sound, he's making some of his best music yet. It's not clear what Xaphoon Jones' next step will be, so for now let's take a look back at some of the highlights from his remix resume.