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    Wiley - "Bow E3"

    Year: 2007 Album: Playtime Is Over

    Wiley's third studio album, his first on Big Dada, saw him mainly continuing with the hard-edged minimalism of the production seen on his debut album, while lyrically re-asserting his status as the Godfather of Grime. The subject matter is generally less humorous than anything previous, reflecting Wiley's dissatisfaction with challengers, haters, record labels and all sorts of other perceived enemies.

    In fact, Wiley even said at the time that this would be his final album as an MC, although that clearly wasn't the case. On "Bow E3," Wiley shouts out his, and grime's, birthplace of Bow in East London (E3 being the equivalent of the area's zip code), reminding listeners that he was there at the beginning of grime, and he'll be there until the end.