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    Wiley - "Step 1"

    Year: 2012 Mixtape: #ItsAllFunAndGamesTill Vol. 1

    Wiley openly admits that he makes both pop music, for the charts and the money, and grime music. The release of his most successful album so far, 2013's The Ascent, was preceded by lead single "Heatwave" in July 2012. The saccharine sweet party tune, with its pool party video (see the next slide), couldn't be further from the gritty simplicity of "Wot U Call It?," and the usual charges of sell-out where levelled at Wiley, to which he replied, with #ItsAllFunAndGamesTill Vol. 1, a free collection of "freestyles" over beats from some of the new school of grime producers. "Step 1," produced by Preditah, proves that Wiley can still flex when he wants to, while the whole collection and its companion Vol. 2 are strong throughout.