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    Wiley - "Wot U Call It?"

    Year: 2004 Album: Treddin' on Thin Ice

    By the time Wiley released his fully self-produced debut album on XL in 2004 he was a lynchpin of the fast-expanding grime scene, both as a founding member of the Roll Deep collective (which Dizzee Rascal was once a part of), and thanks to his instrumental releases as Wiley Kat which helped define the sound of the genre. With grime spreading from its East London birthplace, and mainstream media slowly starting to take notice of records like Dizzee Rascal's 2003 debut LP Boy In Da Corner, "Wot Do U Call It?" sees Wiley explaining how his music should be categorized.

    With skeletal, punishing production that is the very definition of Wiley's "eskibeat" sound, "Wot Do U Call It" is a grime classic, and the perfect introduction to Cowie's dual threat as an MC and producer.