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    Keeping up with music online is a grind. With so much new shit dropping every day, there's a constant grind involved to stay up on it—even a day late on a song and you're lagging, so you've got to be constantly aware of what's going on. This leads to a lot of time spent checking feeds, scrolling through Twitter, reading emails. A good music blogger dedicates a lot of energy and thought into keeping their blog on point, but you know you're going overboard when you start to have #blogdreams.

    These vary from the typical—wake up, heart racing, you forgot about a feature that's supposed to go up tomorrow—to the nightmarish. Ever had a dream that you're posting a song, but instead of finishing the post, the process of building a blog post just keeps looping in your brain? Cropping an image, inserting an embed code, adding links, choosing tags, and writing the blurb over and over and over for the entire night? You're half awake, half asleep, drenched in cold sweat and urine, just replaying the same process in your head, your brain caught in an endless blog cycle and the rest of your body left helpless. Will it ever stop? Why is this process looping? And why, out of all things, is it a Wale song that you're posting in your dream? Is it even worth posting?

    Has this ever happened to you?

    Oh. Me neither.