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    You've considered how long after having sex it's appropriate to get up and blog

    If you are committed to your blog, chances are you have trouble being a part of any normal relationship. You have probably:

    - ended a date early so you can blog - blogged at your friends' homes, even though you're supposed to "hang out" with them - left the bar before midnight so you can revise the feature for tomorrow - tried to blog from phones, iPads, calculators, and those vibrating things they use at restaurants to let you know your table's ready

    When it comes to sex, though, things must be handled a bit more delicately. You can't just—please excuse the crudeness of this—bang it then hang it. There's pillow talk, there's cuddling, there's your partner's feelings. You're probably dying to get back to your laptop, or even to scroll through your emails and Twitter feed, but you've had to resist this urge. It's tough, but hey, if you want to get laid again, you best not tend to your blog immediately after having sex. Rule of thumb: give it at least 30 seconds.