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    GoldLink - "Electronic Relaxation (prod. Ta-Ku)"

    Maybe "best" is the wrong word for this. There is a lot I don't like about this song. I don't like that it uses the words "faggot" and "queef." I don't like that the melody made famous to hip-hop heads by "Electric Relaxation" keeps getting revisited. I definitely do not like that there is a Ryan Gosling reference. As a whole, the song feels a little immature, over-the-top, and unfocused. Then again, I remember hearing these same types of complaints when Eminem dropped "My Name Is." Not making the comparison to Em. Just saying.

    Maybe "best" is the wrong word, but as far as the most exciting song I heard this week, this is it. GoldLink has a Chance The Rapper-like delivery in terms of unbridled animation that makes him sound like he's about to explode from bottled up energy, but that hyperactive release is channeled into a deliberate, skillful flow that makes most rappers sound like they're working with a mouthful of marbles and brain running on half-speed. I do not not love this song, and I may not ever like another GoldLink song again, but I will not forget the first time I heard GoldLink. - Confusion