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    Option M: Chance the Rapper

    This is your only option at this point. If you were previously out of commission in first-aid you will have hopefully clawed and crawled your way over by now. There is nowhere you can be but at Chance The Rapper's set at this moment. His unique sing-screech-rap and squawked ad-lib is a must-see live, and always a highlight at his sets. But after floating on some of Chance's psychedelic Acid Rap, you're presented with some closing set choices. Think quick though—the crowds are milling and filling your potential spot!

    If you're looking to be a gluttonous consumer of shameless music, got to Option N.

    If you're looking to reminisce and maybe do some version of rock and rolling, check in with Option O.

    If you've cant decide because of the drugs and are looking for a lot of loud bleeps and bloops, maybe even a cake, go to Option P.