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    Atmosphere - "Yesterday"

    What it makes you nostalgic about: The negatives and positives of a difficult relationship with a father who passed away

    Slug and Ant, aka Atmosphere, are undisputedly one of the most successful independent hip-hop groups of all time. The Minneapolis duo has steadily accumulated a die-hard fanbase since the late '90s with their emotional, personal, and honest brand of hip-hop. There is perhaps no better example of this then on “Yesterday." The track starts with the tale of a tragically broken relationship, yet ingeniously and purposefully leaves the specifics of it to question. Is this a former lover we’re talking about? A lost friend parhaps? The last verse transforms the story from one of regret, into one of redemption as Slug confesses, “I’m sorry, it’s official, I was a fistful, I didn’t keep it simple, chip on the shoulder, anger in my veins, had so much hatred now it brings me shame," before at last revealing the counterpart to his tale with the hauntingly tragic final line, “I thought I saw you yesterday, but I knew it wasn’t you, cause you passed away Dad.”