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    "Guess I’m Falling In Love"

    Recording: Live Bootleg, The Gymnasium, New York, 1967

    Although various forms of this song have been released on both Velvet Underground rarities compilations Peel Slowly and See and Another View, "Guess I’m Falling In Love" is yet another track written and promoted just before the formation of the Velvet Underground. It was possibly first introduced under the name of another ad-hoc band such as The Primitives, although the exact information seems lost to history. No copy of the original song exists in any studio recorded form, so only two live recordings and a vocal-less backing track represent its existence for current obsessives.

    Regardless, Reed and company liked the song enough to continue to use it in live performances, such as this bootleg from New York’s The Gymnasium in 1967. Again, the song is a simple one, but it denotes a very early personality to Lou Reed and John Cale’s vision, an understanding of the power of volume, contrast, and a simple riff. Bootleggers often knew the song by its colloquial name "Fever In My Pocket," and once it has wormed its way into your brain, that’s exactly what it will be.