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    "I Love You"

    Recording: Demo, Peel Slowly and See, April 16, 1970

    "I Love You" later appeared on Lou Reed’s first self-titled solo album along with a number of songs that he had written for the Velvet Underground but had never gotten a chance to record before the band dissolved. That first solo album is a notorious disappointment. Having left the band, Reed had, for a moment, focused his vision on the mainstream and thus created an album that took songs with distinct emotional complexity and embellished them in strange and often unfittingly saccharine ways. Honestly, that album’s rendition of "I Love You" is one of its highlights, but really it is a simple song with a simple message, and anything more than the quick and sparse demo above, softly played on guitar and organ, is giving the song more than it needs. This is, after all, Reed’s specialty: subtle songwriting that shines through arrangement with an indelible vision. No drums are necessary.