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    "I'm Gonna Move Right In"

    Recording: Live Bootleg, Location and Date Unknown

    The Velvet Underground had a few songs like "I’m Gonna Move Right In," bluesy, rolling rockers that make you want to roll down the windows and drive into the sunset that marks the beginning of a particularly depraved night. This song in particular only officially appears as a vocal-less backing track on the spotty, second wave rarities compilation Another View, but luckily an unknown bootlegger was present on one of the nights that they performed the song, probably sometime in 1969. Maybe they never fully recorded "I’m Gonna Move Right In" in a studio because it seemed to thrive so much more in a live setting, when the band could spread out unhindered and feel the throbbing pulse of the song and its rumbling, distant undertones. In the studio, it sounds uniform and clean, but on stage, it ebbs and flows with the energy of the band as a unit.