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    "Love Makes You Feel Ten Feet Tall"

    Recording: Demo, Loaded: Fully Loaded Edition, 1970

    As is particularly evidenced by "Prominent Men" and early takes of "I’m Waiting For The Man," Lou Reed as a songwriter for the Velvet Underground was very influenced by Bob Dylan, at first mimicking his deeply cutting chord structures, vaguely cryptic lyrics, exploratory vocabulary, and constant sense of urgency. While Dylan span this style off into various styles and an epically expansive vision, early on Reed distilled an element of the style to a certain simplicity that helped to make the Velvet Underground’s songs become as direct and raw as they are. Sure, he mimics something of Dylan’s vocal inflection on "Love Makes You Feel Ten Feet Tall" a late demo by the band, but more so, the song, like famous Dylan numbers such as "Corrina, Corrina" or "Mr. Tambourine Man," evinces a wonder and disassociation with a small and simple piece of life. It would be hard to say that the the Velvet Underground really sounds like Dylan, but if you look hard enough, you can see his seed at their roots.