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    "Oh Gin"

    Recording: Demo, Peel Slowly and See, April 16, 1970

    This demo of "Oh Gin," a song that was never properly recorded in the studio, embodies a particular part of the the Velvet Underground's sound that never really got refined during the band’s short life, although it’s a sound that we can hear faintly on songs like "What Goes On," "Train Round the Bend," or "I Can’t Stand It." It’s a road song, written to be blasted from the windows of a car as it’s careening down an American freeway. One can only imagine the glory of "Oh Gin" if it were ever recorded live or flushed out in a full studio recording. It has the potential for a long instrumental segment and storytelling elements in the vein of "I’m Waiting For The Man," but unfortunately, for a reason that is unknown, it remains a demo left as an afterthought, a chorus and a single verse recorded by the band in this short two minute and forty second clip.