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    “Ride Into the Sun”

    Recording: Live Bootleg, The Matrix, San Francisco, November 1969

    This live version of “Ride Into the Sun,” unlike the studio-recorded backing track shown before, is probably the best complete version of the song out there. Instead of extending one riff into a continuous loop, the song goes through a number of distinct stages. The demo that appears on the deluxe version of Loaded sounds like the band is struggling to make all of these various pieces fit together, but this live performance at The Matrix shows the band lending the song a sense of cohesion through quiet presence. It begins agonizingly soft, proceeding to build into an extended instrumental performance that ebbs and flows in the style of “New Age” or “Ocean.” Connecting it all together is Reed and Morrison’s distinctive dual guitar style, exceedingly lyrical, yet always subtle and focused on texture and mood. The two overlap with an abstracted style that would inspire future alternative guitarists like Television’s Tom Verlaine and Galaxie 500’s Dean Wareham.