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    “Ride Into The Sun”

    Recording: Studio Recording, What Goes On, Fall 1969

    "Ride Into The Sun" is a song that simply never seems to have gotten its due. There are a handful of recordings, one or two demos, a studio-recorded backing track, and a couple of live bootlegs. The song is in the quiet and contemplative vein that Lou Reed’s songwriting began to drift into in the later part of the the Velvet Underground’s career, a mode that can be seen more fully illustrated in songs like "Pale Blue Eyes" and "I Found A Reason." "Ride Into The Sun" however, tries to trump the tremulous, gauzy quality of both of these songs, with Pachelbel’s-canon-style chord structures, layered falsetto vocals, and sparse arrangement. Unfortunately, the song never hit its sweet spot in the studio. The demos are stilted and buffed to a shine, lacking the very emotion that the song seems to be written to convey. This vocal-less recording of the song’s backing track, which never seems to have received official vocals, shows what the song could have been, a raw, circular elegy that you never want to end.