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    "She’s My Best Friend"

    Recording: Studio Recording, V.U., New York, 1969

    In 1969, after the release of their third, self-titled album, the Velvet Underground took a year off. As much as they could anyway. They spent most of 1969 touring the country, playing their now significant well of songs for various small audiences in underground venues across America. During this time they were in and out of the studio, recording pieces of their fourth album. Due to problems with the label, however, these tracks that had been recorded in this interim period were not released. Bits of these sessions have been released over the past few decades as parts of special editions and rarities compilations, the most condensed of which is 1984’s VU. These songs reflect the transient feel of that specific time in the band’s life: they are fleeting, playful, and off the cuff. One can imagine the band cramming into the studio one day to record a song based on a riff that had just come to Reed’s mind the day before. "She’s My Best Friend" is one of the highlights, a Beatles-inspired rattler with a honky-tonk twinge.