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    When Tumblr first emerged onto the Internet in 2007, its range of functionality and reach were understandably minimal. It didn't take long for that to change, and in the years since its introduction, it has positioned itself as one of the most important social media platforms on the Internet today. What's most interesting was that it wasn't just regular users flocking to the site but notable brands, media companies, and celebrities signing up as well. Much like Twitter and Facebook, Tumblr quickly became a resource for public figures to share information, connect with fans, and reveal different sides of their personality we might not have gotten to know otherwise.

    Also like Twitter and Facebook, there are some celebrities who know how to use the social media site effectively and interestingly. From Frank Ocean to Beyonce, here are ten of the best musician Tumblrs to follow. Take notes current and future Tumblr users, because as you can see from these artists, the site is so much more than just pop culture memes and dogs that look like hipsters (though admittedly, we'll still reblog these if you post them.)