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    Tumblr: kittydothedishes.tumblr.com What To Expect: A lot of cool add-ons, colors, nostalgia

    There's a reason why Kitty was discovered via her Tumblr—it's on point. Currently boasting a Skrillex cursor, a My Little Pony icon that runs around the screen, and a Lisa Frank-esque background, her blog is what Tumblr hopes and dreams are made of. But Kitty's site is awesome for reasons aside from her design; much like Angel Haze, she also takes time to answer fans questions, unafraid of taking on more personal topics. She also frequently posts her own thoughts and opinions on subjects many young adults face, like growing up, entering adulthood, and dealing with relationships. So while it's way too early to tell what kind of effect her music will have in the indie hip-hop world, her presence on the Internet is still as influential as ever.