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    MS MR

    Tumblr: msmrmusic.tumblr.com What To Expect: Some band announcements but mostly just really weird (and totally awesome) reblogged pictures

    MS MR are a mysterious duo. Hopefully we can learn a little more about them from their Tumblr. Let's see:

    - They really like trippy abstract art designs - They definitely into old, vintage photos (special shout out to the Spice Girls throwback) - They have excellent GIF choices

    Hm, not that many new, personal details. But one thing that is immediately clear, is they have an awesomely bizarre Tumblr. Full of borderline creepy, really out there pictures, the twosome's blog follows the distinct uniqueness depicted in their music videos and cover art. It's a pretty safe bet we won't be seeing any opinionated rants or revealing essays on this Tumblr from MS MR, but that's okay as long as they keep posting gems like this.