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    1. The Whole "Meta" Thing

    This book isn’t a conventional memoir, the first chapter is a dialogue and the second is an email. Immediately we’re introduced to two voices other than Questlove’s: Ben Greenman, the co-writer, an essential advisor of the book, and Ben Greenberg, the official editor. As well, the Roots’ co-manager, Richard Nichols, pops up in footnote form for insight and perspective, calling Quest out on a number of occasions for exaggerating events or just to disagree. Through these roundtable-style dialogues we gain a better understanding of what went into crafting this book and what it stands for. With Greenman and Nichols, we have the unique ability to challenge Questlove and pry deeper than just what he provides. In many ways it’s a humble move for Questlove, to “pass the mic,” as he puts it, so that we don’t just take every word he says as fact. Though, the change in voice can also be distracting. Everybody who picks up this book picks it up because they’re a fan of Questlove and his music, so, naturally, having other voices come in and out takes away from Questlove’s command of the book.