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    Akala - "Old Soul"

    Album: The Thieves Banquet Year released: 2013

    Akala is an extremely well read, accomplished young man, holding a particular expertise regarding the vast spiritual history of African culture and its connection to hip-hop. Since his debut in 2006, he has been on a journey of education, gaining maturity and depth in his musical efforts as well as establishing the "Shakespeare Hip-Hop Company" who aim to use musical theatre production to teach young people about the arts and self-expression. Unsurprisingly, his recent album is therefore based on an academic approach to music, and this jazzy, soulful ode to the power of older musical genres is refreshing for anyone with a tendency to find modern music too overwhelming.

    Of course, he asks you this himself: “Do you find yourself talking about the kids these days/Then have to remind yourself about your actual age?”