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    Black the Ripper - "Married to Marijuana"

    Album: Married to Marijuana Year released: 2013

    Gaining inspiration for his name from the 19th century London-based serial killer Jack the Ripper, as well as using the alias "Samson" based on the biblical figure whose strength relied on the length of his hair, Black the Ripper has maintained a reputation as a bold MC prepared to explore both grime and hip-hop. Since 2005 his music has gradually matured and become less aggressive, but it’s safe to say he has always been fueled by strong passions for anti-establishmentism, a loyalty to his hood and, in case it isn’t already obvious, smoking weed. We know this isn’t new; rappers always talk about marijuan, but only a few actually dedicate a love song to her. This one’s nice, so sit back and enjoy accordingly (the animated video is a true work of comedy).