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    Cas - "Drugs Don't Work"

    Album: N/A Year released: 2012

    This is just darkness. It's easy to dismiss drug-themed hip-hop songs as being simple products of a culture raised by illegal economies and street bravado, but this is on a different wavelength. Delivering what could almost be described as horror rap, a masked Cas (former Grime MC Castro) croakily spits about an overpowering drug addiction and describes a mind polluted with hatred and self-resentment. Re-imagining the vocals from British group The Verve’s iconic "Drugs Don’t Work," producer MssingNo employs a twitchy modern sound to breathe new life into the '90s pop/rock riff. Every detail of both song and video is there to enhance Cas’ art, telling the listener about an evil lifestyle of indulgence and amorality. However, he frames it all as a complex psychological trap rather than a poor life choice, so at least we can understand his pain even if we are disturbed by it.