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    Choong Family - "Pain Don't Stop"

    Album: Higher Elevation Year released: 2005

    Channel U was a television music channel created in 2003 in the midst of the social media and Youtube explosion, which meant it could attach itself to the early roots of modern society's content-sharing frenzy. It screened the most raw, the most ghetto, the best, and sometimes the worst of British underground music (in 2009 it became Channel AKA). As one of the original champions of this movement, Choong Family had some decent output, and the fuzzy, camera-phone feel of their videos worked as an integral part of their street charm. As their singles began to air, one week they would talk stereotypically about being a hard-body London crew and the next—as shown by this track—they’d grab some soft vocals for a hook and make truly deep, emotional statements about their young adult lives. If you like this, listen to "Dear Life" and "Monologue for the Thoughts," too.