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    London Posse - "How's Life in London?"

    Album: Gangster Chronicle (2001 reissue) Year released: 1993

    Rightfully starting with a rowdy group of natives who were present towards the beginning of U.K. hip-hop’s story, this London Posse single, released three years after their debut album, Gangster Chronicle, is one of the greatest anthems of the U.K. genre. Hip-hop had settled on British soil amongst the energy of south London’s Jamaican community, and the old-school drum pattern and screechy siren-like melody gave Rodney P and Bionic an energetic platform to combine high-pitch with low-pitch vocals, almost like London’s own Public Enemy. Talking about life in the capital has become the most central theme of all types of British MCing (it features heavily in this list), and to be one of the first of its kind makes it a classic.