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    Skitz ft. Task Force - "The Junkyard"

    Album: Countryman Vol. 1 Year released: 2001

    It has been said that Task Force did for their home, Highbury estate, what Nas and Mobb Deep did for Queensbridge. Brothers Farma G and Chester P have retained their relatively underground status whilst racking up an extensive discography and establishing themselves as highly respected pioneers for the U.K. hip-hop movement. They painfully take us on a trip around their estate—which they refer to as "The Junkyard"—brutally describing the rotten pillars of London’s working class struggle such as drugs and deteriorating infrastructure. Every 16 bars, the strings of producer Skitz’ instrumental cry out and demonstrate the attention to detail of this classic album, which features a long list of big names and is worth a listen in its entirety.