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    Ask your average festival-goer and they'll describe their weekends ensconced in live shows and bacchanalia as the high point of their short lives. The lights, music, and friendships formed all converge to create a beautiful experience, beautiful enough to have sent attendance (and ticket prices) soaring. They've become a little like Pinocchio's Pleasure Island, secluded little pockets of civilization where anything goes.

    Unfortunately, the music festival is still a product of humanity. And humans, much as I love 'em, can be annoying as hell. And it's tough when you're checked out from the rest of the world, basking in some great music, and suddenly the urge to curb-stomp the guy with the traffic whistle washes over you in a white-hot rage. But breathe deep, dear traveler. Once we identify the problems, maybe we can learn to turn the other cheek. Or maybe not. Regardless, here are the most annoying things about today's music festivals.