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    Porta-potty lines and the weirdness you find inside

    At its best, the porta-potty can surprise you with declarations of love scrawled across the far wall. You can almost smell the magic moment that inspired the words. But at its worst... at its worst, it's not just your standard fecal overflow. Nah, you smell that shit as soon as you open the door and back away slowly. At its worst, the porta-potty looks just fine, but by the time the door slams behind you and all light disappears, it's too late, and you can feel the wet drip hit your bare skin.

    Also, the lines are really long, so you can't just back out and try another one. I've seen so many goddamn geometric patterns created by 40 porta-pottys, and its always the same chaotic kaleidoscope trying to get in. Sheeeeet.