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    The National - Trouble Will Find Me

    Release date: May 17, 2013

    Trouble Will Find Me is an album by The National. This means that, in accordance with their reputation, it's going to take repeated listens to grow on you, will be largely concerned with tortured, middle-class introspection, and is going to be great. We've gotten used to National records being deemed excellent and been numbed by their extremely vocal fanbase urging us to "just listen to the record one more time," but that reputation is there for a reason. This record plays to its typecast, building on their unbroken four album streak of near-perfection to calmly, reliably expand into one of their best efforts yet. Songs like "Don't Swallow The Cap," "Graceless," and "I Need My Girl" are sides of The National they've shown us before, but better, more nuanced and somehow wholly new. On its head, Trouble Will Find Me feels like just an album by The National, but if you give it a chance it distinguishes itself to become one of their, and this year's, best.—Brendan