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    Washed Out - Paracosm

    Release date: August 13, 2013

    The lo-fi loveliness of Washed Out's 2011's Within and Without put Ernest Greene on the map in a big way. Aside from practically spawning the entire drowsy genre affectionately entitled "chillwave," all the commotion about this burgeoning electronic genre almost overshadowed the earnest musings and musical wandering of Greene. So Paracosm takes on the commotion and backlash with decided intentions, continuing the ambient lusciousness of his initial sound, and growing it into something that feels greener and healthier—stronger. If his previous work was purposefully listless, lost in the glory of being lost, this album is about discovery. It feels exploratory in the most tactile sense of the word—the samples of birds, laughter and parties give it a human texture, and even the bookended song titles of album opener "Entrance" and closer "All Over Now" give it a sense of structured purpose. There's still plenty of wavy synths.delicate strings, and intimate droning vocals, but they're on the way to somewhere now, not wallowing in one place. Both sounded good but Paracosm feels like sonic movement, another example of Greene creating his own musical trends instead of following the ideas of others.—harmonicait