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    Eminem gets criticism for being immature, over-the-top, offensive... a lot of things. For those criticisms to hold any weight, though, they have to end with a "but."

    "Eminem is extemely offensive, but he's the most talented rapper alive."

    "Eminem needs to grow up, but he can still rap his ass off."

    "Eminem takes things too far, but damn, did you hear that line about elephant man's skull?"

    There has never been a rapper quite like Eminem, equipped not only with a unique and complicated map of brain wires, but also the technical skill to make his odd visions come alive. This comes across on almost every song Em makes, but it's no more raw and evident than in his freestyles. Watching Eminem freestyle is like seeing a dog bred for fighting trapped in a corner. Maybe it has to do with his past, maybe it has to do with the fact that as a white rapper from Detroit, he always had a lot to prove. It’s an ocean of raw talent being funneled through a microphone, and it’s intense. Here are the best Eminem freestyles.