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    Danny Brown - OLD

    Listen if you want: Energetic rapping and adventurous production

    Danny Brown's long-awaited OLD is going to be great. Everything we've heard so far has been strong, the features are top-notch, and the production credits are pretty much perfect. Look, we know it's in A-Trak's interest to big-up the album, but he's not the kind of guy to feed us promo bullshit, so lets just trust him when he says:

    “It’s a very complete body of work. It has a Side A and Side B, which are thematically different. Side A is a continuation of his Hybrid-type work, with a lot of psych samples, and Side B is the weirdo club bangers. My favorite song is ‘Side B (Dope Song),’ produced by Rustie. It sounds crazy futuristic; it’s a good marriage between clubby and weird. Danny’s range on the album is pretty insane, and this applies as much to his topics as it does to his vocal range."

    You'd be hard-pressed to find rappers at such opposite ends of the stylistic spectrum as Danny Brown and Drake, so if everything about Drake from his pop-rap to his mellow beats to his PG subject matter bores you, listen to OLD.