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    Kanye West - "Yeezus"

    Listen if you want: Something that pushes boundaries

    Kanye West is trying to make art. He's trying do do something different, make music that no one else is making, push things forward. Drake has put on record his admiration for Kanye, the man who he sees as his main competitor, and while the Canadian has made a strong album, full of songs that will be pop hits and appeal to a wide audience, Nothing Will Be The Same is not an album people will return to in three, five, or ten years, and say it changed things. It is a record that, for most people, will fade into the background as soon as the next Drake album comes out.

    Whatever you think of Yeezus, it undeniably sought to push the boundaries of what we expect from our biggest stars, in terms of content, production, and vision. Kanye West's latest may not be easy to listen to as Nothing Was The Same, but it sure as hell means something more.