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    Electronic music

    Europe's electronic music scene is one its most valuable assets, and continues to go from strength to strength. Places like London, Berlin, and Ibiza are recognized dance music meccas, whilst in cities from Paris to Glasgow to Warsaw, the underground dance music scenes are thriving. House music may have originated in Chicago, but it is in Europe that electronic music of all types is being pushed and pulled in every direction, being experimented with and explored. It is in Europe that you can hear the future.

    As elements of dance music (and especially its once underground fringes) become more and more used by pop and hip-hop, it is the European producers who are leading the way. When Kanye West was making the sonically adventurous Yeezus, where did he look to find new elements to bring to his sound? The European underground of course, with artists previously unknown to a rap audience like Arca, Evian Christ, Brodinski and Gesaffelstein (pictured above) all having a hand crafting the album. As hip-hop, for one, continues to incorporate dance and electronic music styles into its world, collaborations between James Blake and Chance The Rapper, or Danny Brown and Darq E Freaker, will cease to be exciting exceptions. Like I said, the future sounds like Europe, and that's pretty damn cool.