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    Mainstream radio is better

    Sorry to the rest of Europe, but we're going to focus just on the UK's radio here, which on its own is a million times cooler than the U.S.

    Sure, BBC Radio 1, by far the country's biggest "popular music" radio station, plays its fair share of songs by Lady Gaga and Katy Perry, but one look at the daytime playlist shows that there is still a good level of variety, and a mix of stars and smaller artists, and that's before we've even got to the "night" DJs. The "day" DJs, who play between 4am and 7am, are largely dictated to by the playlist, which as of today includes current music from CHVRCHES, Arctic Monkeys, London Grammar, Kanye West, and HAIM, but listen past 7pm, and you'll get anything from expertly curated house to punk to regular slots for both big name and cutting edge DJs. It's not all about BBC Radio 1 though, as the UK's pirate radio culture has given rise to dance music institutions like Rinse FM, and stations like Kiss FM are still going strong. In the U.S., not only is radio much more fragmented, but the shows that are directly comparable to BBC Radio 1, the "Top 40" shows are just plain embarassing.

    Oh, and did we mention that the BBC radio stations in the UK are partially funded by government public spending, so all those suckers paying the license fee in England are paying for me to listen to Benji B play some wild experimental shit. What a win.