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    Nickelback isn't a thing

    So technically, Nickelback is Canadian. But they've certainly reached far enough to become one of the most recognizable bands in North America. No matter how much one may feel the urge defend the Canadian "rock" group, it's near impossible to not make fun of them. Maybe it's because their music is cringeworthy. Maybe it's because the lead singer is married to Avril Lavigne. Maybe it's because we're just being mean. Whatever the case may be, the hate for Nickelback is rampant, and it seems irrelevant whether or not this hate is justified.

    In Europe, there exists no such equivalent. Even the kitschiest rock band in Europe makes better, more palatable music than Nickelback. Sure, Europe has bizarre (in U.S. standards) all-girl pop groups like Girls Aloud, but hell, they could probably out-sing Chad Kroeger in their sleep. Sorry, America, you lose. (But this is mostly your fault, Canada.)