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    Earl Sweatshirt ft. Tyler, the Creator - "Sasquatch"

    Date released: 2013 Album: Doris

    Earl and Tyler have undeniable chemistry. On almost any track the two of them are on together they are instinctively on the same wavelength, and you can feel the two rapping for, and to outdo, the other. However, in the years since Odd Future's all-out assault on popular culture, a lot has changed. We all know the narrative—there's no need to go into what happened off the records—but "Sasquatch" highlights a potential problem in the partnership.

    The Earl we hear on Doris has grown up and the album is (relatively) mature; laconic, introspective and technically dazzling, it's impressive how far he's come. Tyler, on the other hand, seems stuck in time. Hearing them over this spacey, laid-back beat, one after another, only draws attention to the fact that the precocious youngster has outgrown the charismatic older brother. Tyler's referencing Taco Bell gorditas and dingleberries and dropping Chris Brown & Rihanna jokes in an attempt to shock. Next to Earl's verse, a dizzying spray of internal rhymes and scene-setting imagery ("It's like 6pm and his temple's throbbing"), he just sounds immature and clumsy. They almost seem to be making different songs here, and it's a far cry from the way they used to click on their earlier releases. If this is an indicator of how the album is going to go, we're not sure that listening to Earl Sweatshirt eclipse Tyler, The Creator for the length of an album is really something we want to hear.