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    Earl Sweatshirt ft. Tyler, the Creator - "Whoa"

    Date released: 2013 Album: Doris

    Before "Whoa" gets started, Tyler, The Creator snarls, "N*ggas think 'cause you fucking made 'Chum' and got all personal that n*ggas won't go back to that old fucking 2010 shit about talking 'bout fucking... all that. No, fuck that nigga, I got you. Fuck that."

    On Earl Sweatshirt's long-awaited debut album, Doris, there was some concern that Earl would be a reformed version of the twisted personality we met on his 2010 debut mixtape, Earl. "Chum" proved that he was still in top form as a rapper—more mature but still capable of weaving wordplay into dense, lyrically advanced raps—but "Whoa" assured fans that he was still capable of that mischievous rap that has always been a defining quality of Odd Future. Even though Tyler's introduction might lead you to believe this song was going to be another shocking display of vile rhymes, it was smarter than that. Earl still talks his shit, but it's less concerned with over-the-top imagery and hones in on Earl's talent with language. Tyler plays the background, and it acts as a careful step in a new direction, one that keeps things moving forward without leaping too far from the home base.